I am an airbrush artist offering affordable, high quality airbrush artwork and custom paint-jobs. I bought my first airbrush when I was just 15 years old. I couldn't afford an air compressor at the time and resorted to using a large car tyre which I had to keep re-inflating with a foot pump to produce airflow! I can tell you that was an exhausting way to airbrush but I was determined to master the craft, in fact if you visit my 'other artwork' gallery you will find a Jessica Rabbit painting that I painted using this painstaking system during my teens. This was excellent training though and once I was able to afford a compressor it made the work seem so much easier! I now use state of the art equipment and the highest quality paints and airbrushes.

Art Of Distinction is based in Nottingham. We offer a full range of  customising, airbrush and artwork services. We specialise in all helmets but also airbrush many other items from guitars to wheel covers. We know that spending money on a luxury item means you want the best, we hope you shop around and come back to us for quality, competitive price and excellent customer service.

Art Of Distinction

Custom Airbrush artwork by Artist Richard Emmett

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